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Laundries and dry-cleaners, a constantly evolving world that offers fundamental services for families as well as for sectors like health care, tourism, food and restaurants, industry.

From the small laundry shops in the neighborhood that meet the requests of single households and families to the big, industrial ones that guarantee the supplies of clean linen to hospitals, restaurants and hotels: laundry and ironing services constitute an important business sector – 3.5 billion euro turnover that is expected to rise, especially as far as industrial laundries go – managed by professionals who work at their best thanks to more and more advanced and “green” technology.

Why do we go the dry-cleaner’s? We take our trousers there (59%) as the fabrics they are made of often need to be dry-cleaned, shirts (48%), both a blessing and a curse for every housewife, suits (38%), especially when they are made of fine and delicate fabrics. Obiviously a laundry is not only a shop in the eighborhood that we all have in mind. Industrial laundries in Italy account for 1174 units and they generate 1622 million euro turnover. Some strategic sectors that contribute to the development of our economy relate to them, e.g. restaurants, tourism, public administration (schools, hospitals, canteens … ).

It’s not a surprise during the last Expo Detergo in Milan there has been great attendance, business deals signed, new business, relations built. The exhibition revealed itself as an “Event” by all means as it has strongly marked the entire laundry and dry-cleaning sector in terms of business and innovation. During the show, visitors would look for a direct contact with exhibitors as a result of their need to verify the offers tangibly.

A clear signal for Maestrelli as well which daily meets and satifies needs of customers spread up araound the world. Customers who become increasingly demanding and experienced given the growing demanding of complex eco-friendly solvents machinery.

A great way to start this 2019, which we expect to be full of satisfactions.